To all our foreign guests and volunteers; Welcome to Trollrock! Trollrock is an urban, outdoor festival in spectacular surroundings at Beitostølen.

In the small mountain village great music can be enjoyed in fantastic nature, with a rich variety of activities, comfortable accommodation, overwhelming food and unique atmosphere.

Trollrock wants to serve our visitors the best possible way. To do this, we need to provide you information on where to find the different facilities, where to buy stuff, how to get around, acknowledge what’s allowed and not allowed etc. You will find everything here!


There are several ways to buy tickets to the Trollrock festival:

  • Ticketmaster (Ticketmaster.no/tlf 81533133)
  • Narvesen
  • 7-eleven
  • Festivaloffice, Beitostølen
  • Krambui Blomster og gaver, Heggenes
  • Valdres Tourist Office, Fagernes
  • Valdres Tourist Office, Beitostølen



If you’d like to be a volunteer at our festival you can either contact our volunteer coordinator by email in english, or if you know a little bit of norwegian you may manage to volunteer directly by our forms.

  • Volunteer coordinator: Astrid Fuglevaag, email: frivillig@trollrock.no
  • Volunteer form, klick here

The Festival area

Trollrock is located at Beitostølen Skistadion, Stadionvegen 2. This is within walkingdistance from most hotell, camping and cabbines at Beitostølen. The capasity is 8000 visitors per day.  Tickets and wristbands are sold and controlled by the festival entrance as well as in Festival Office town centre.. The security guards have to search the visitors by the entrance. PS: The tickets costs 100 kr extra at the entrance!

Trollrock has two different stages:

  • Trollscena: This is the main stage. The concerts starts at 5 pm and lasts until 01 am Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Huldrescena: This stage is indoors in a big lavvo tent. The conserts starts at 6 pm and lasts until 01 am Thursday, and 02 am Friday and Saturday.


The festival is very well facilitated for disabled. The view towards the stage is excellent with ramps reserved for wheelchair users. People who accompany disabled, get discount on tickets with a valid certificate. The festival is equiped with toilets for disabled by the entrance and at toilet area.


Beitostølen is a beautiful mountain village located in a lovely and fragile environment. We strongly recommend that every visitor is taking this into consideration. You will find garbage cans and recycle stations on several locations and we strongly advice everyone to use these inside and outside the festival area. It makes the job easier for the number of volunteers who clean up every day.


To buy drinks and food, you pay with Visa and Matercard or mCash mobile app. You can buy tickets and merch with Visa and cash.

Food and drinks

The festival has got several bars and places serving food. We have a wide variety of local food, snacks and fastfood. There are also vegetarian meals served. Trollrock has it’s own festival beer called «Trøll». This special beer is made by Valdres Gardsbryggeri and is a very popular refreshment in the sun. Beside the festival beer we have the Ringnes Pils, Smirnoff Ice, Somersby, white wine, red wine, Prosecco, mineral water and drinks up to 22% alcohol. It’s not allowed to bring drinks or food into the festival.

How to get to Beitostølen

Beitostølen is in the region called Valdres, between Gudbrandsdalen and Hallingdal. The village is just a few hours by car or public transportation from both Bergen and Oslo. From Oslo: Beitostølen is 221 km from Oslo. If you drive by car you will need about 3 hours. You can also travel by bus (Valdresekspressen) or by plane (Fagernes Lufthamn Leirin) From Bergen: Ca 300 km, 4 hours by car. You can also take the bus via Fagernes or the train to Gol or plane to Gardermoen. From Trondheim: Ca 400 km 5 hours drive. Bus straight to Beitostølen, train or plane via Oslo.


If you use your own transportation you can park just outside the festival.

  • Parking costs 50kr per day.
  • Cash only


There are a number of different accomodation available during the festival surplus to the festival camping. Click here to get a view and order. PS: Remember to book early because it fills up. The festival camp is just outside the festival area. This is the place to be if you want to have fun the whole day through. The camp offers some cabins and nice places for tents, caravans and motorhomes.

Age limit

Trollrock is alowed for all ages, but there are some rules for persons under 18 years of age. If you are under 16 years old, you need to be in company with a sober person over 20 years of age. Persons between the age 16 and 18, do not need to be accompanied, but will get a special type of wristband that shows they can not buy alcohol. It’s strongly prohibited to buy and drink alcohol for persons under the age of 18. If you brake this rule, you have to leave the festival for good.

Opening hours

  • Thursday:  17.00 – 01.30 (bars close at 01:30)
  • Fredag: 16.30 – 02.30 (Bars close at 02:00)
  • Lørdag: 16.30 – 02.30 (Bars close at 02.00)

Festival office

Trollrock has got a festivaloffice next to Coop inside Stølstunet Mal. This is the place to buy merchandise, tickets, swap your ticket into the wristband or just drop in for a nice chat. The office is open parts of  July but will move down to the festival on the opening day.


The first thing you need to do upon arrival is to exchange your ticket into the festival wristband. You can do this at the office the days before the festival opens or at the entrance on the opening day. Please observe that the lines can be huge upon festival opening so we strongly recommend to do this as soon as you can to ensure  you don’t miss your favorite artists.


Press and people who have accreditation can pick up their presskits at the ticket office by the entrance. Accreditation of the voluenteers is also located by the entrance.


Trollrock has a wide range of different activiteise during day time. Hiking, mountainclimbing, dogsled and more. For more information and booking, please visit our partners in:

  • Beito Aktiv
  • Beitostølen Resort/Sommerparken

Not allowed

  • Animals; the closest kennel is at Heggenes, ca 20 km from Beitostølen.
  • Umbrellas; we sell raincoats/ponchos at the festival
  • Campingchairs; there will be lot’s of comfortable chairs to sit in.
  • To bring your own food and drinks. There will be plenty to buy inside.
  • Drugs; Trollrock has a statement against drugs and there will be dog patrols and police circulating the festival.
  • Drunks; If you are too drunk and can’t take care of yourself, you can’t stay at the festival.

We hope our fantastic audience will do their best to make Trollrock one of the nicest festivals in Norway for years to come!

Trollrock, baby!